Torrelodones City & Madrid

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Torrelodones is a municipality in the northwest of Madrid, Spain. It is situated 29 kilometers northwest from the city. Because of its location between the Sierra de Guadarrama and the metropolitan area of the capital, it is linked to two districts in Madrid: the agricultural area of Guadarrama and the metropolitan area of Madrid.

The people of Torrelodones earn among the highest per capita incomes of the Community of Madrid. Services, hotels, and construction are the main economic activities. In 2012 it had about 22,680 inhabitants. 

Torrelodones's weather is continental Mediterranean. Cold winters with temperatures inferiors than 5 °C, frequents frosts at nights and occasionally snows. Warm summers around 25 °C and with maximum temperatures that can get over 35 °C.

Madrid  is  the  capital  of  Spain,  and  the  largest  municipality  of  the  Community  of  Madrid.  The  population  of  the  city  is  almost  3.2  million  with  a  metropolitan  area  population  of  approximately  6.5 million.  It  is  the  third-largest  city  in  the  European  Union,  after  London    and  Berlin,  and  its  metropolitan  area  is  the  third-largest  in  the  European  Union  after    London  and  Paris.  Located  in  south-western  Europe.




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