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Every player of BSE is a member of a team in Baloncesto Torrelodones. Here, they maximize their abilities, acquiring capabilities and skills that are applied in the game


To create players who own a vast knowledge of the game and a great capacity to read and understand the game which will allow them to make appropriate decisions on the court.

Work Methodology

  • Every team has the same work ethic– conceptual and methodological – which is developed from the infant categories up to the senior categories.
  • Learning these fundamentals and earning these abilities requires the player to progressively pick up skills from simple game situations up to complicated situations (number of players, number of perspective elements and number of variables when making a decision.)
  • Each fundamental of the game is trained based on its strategic connection inside the game as well as its depth and variability in the play.
  • The complexity of the collective fundamentals and tactics and the development of the game progressively grow during the working habit in such a way that the players can move up from one category to another following a continuing development in their abilities and skills of the game.
  • The players test their learnt fundamentals and skills in real game drills.
  • The set collective fundamentals have progressive levels of complexity which the players will discover, acknowledge, learn and practise with their respective teams.


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